How to cut a man's hair at home

How to cut a man's hair at home

How to cut a man's hair at home

Although you look and feel important, you don't have to go to a hairdresser and pay for your hair. Just read this article and you will learn how to cut your hair.

1 - Determine the look of your hair. You probably want to keep the same haircut as you are used to, for at least the first few times you cut it yourself; However, you may want to make some simple changes like shortening favorites or

2 - Choose the correct size of the scissors you want to use. A home hair clipper may have long, thin, and pointed shears like those used in a barber shop. These types of scissors are fine if you are cutting someone else's hair, but it may seem impractical to use them to cut your hair. Instead, try using scissors with a short weapon.

like this:

Sharp scissors.

Nail care scissors.

Scissors for children.

Whatever type of scissors you choose, just make sure the clipper weapon is sharp to help you cut your hair cleanly.

 Cut the man's hair at home

 3- Find a good comb. You will use this comb to separate, straighten, and remove tangles so that it does not prevent you from cutting your hair; The comb should be as long as a hairdresser, not the comb with a short pocket.

If you cannot find such a comb, you can use a regular pocket comb to comb your hair and use your fingers to grip your hair during the cutting process.

4 - Condition your hair. Although old-fashioned barbers cut dry hair, professional hairdressers find it easier to cut wet hair, especially when it comes to thick hair. You can choose one of the following two methods:

Wash your hair, or at least wet it well in the shower, and let it dry a little before cutting it.

Condition your hair as if you were about to go out with a spray bottle.

5 - Stand next to a mirror. Since you want to see what you're doing as much as possible, a large mirror on the bathroom wall or on the medicine cabinet will help you see what you are cutting from the front or the sides.

Position another mirror so you can see your head from the back, if available. Hang it on the back wall or use someone else's small hand mirror to help you.

6 - Divide your hair into sections. Run the comb over your hair at the end of the eyebrow on both sides to make a difference, then comb the hair between the parting and the ear down on both sides to separate these sections from the front of the head.

Comb the hair around the ear and temple forward.

Lift the hair up with the comb or your fingers.

Keep the comb (or your fingers) slightly away from your head. This will determine where to cut, so the further away the comb or your fingers are from your head, the less hair you cut.

Visible hair cut with scissors perpendicular to the comb or your fingers. As long as the comb is between the scissors and your head, cutting the hair with the blade perpendicular to the comb smooths without damage.

After each of the many stories, stand up and see what it achieves. If you notice that a portion is not flat, you can go back and adjust it until it is flat.

Complete the sides, going up. Cut your hair the same way you used around your ear; Lift the hair away from your head with the comb and clip perpendicular to the comb with scissors. Pause and review what you've done, and fix any mistakes.

When trimming the front section, use a comb or your fingers to lift your hair to the front of your head and trim 6 to 12 mm. Do this slowly and carefully, just as you did when cutting the sides.

The hair cut at the front of the head is more pronounced than the one on the sides, some people will see a flick on the sides of the head in an attempt to create a youthful and modern look, but if this click is on the front of the head, this will appear as the beginning of baldness in men.

Clean the edges. After cutting the sides and front, only the legs and the back of the head remain.

You can identify the paws with a safety blade or an electric razor with a prominent marker. If you want long legs, mark the ends of the legs at the end of the ear, but if you prefer the short one, you can use the indented part under the cheekbone or earlobes (the thick, leathery part protruding from the front of the ear) to locate the ends of the legs. Place your fingers under both legs to make sure they are flat.

You can use a beard styler or razor to shave off excess hair in the neck area. Start by shaving the hair at the neckline that is very short from below, then work up and down behind the neck (at this point it is recommended to use an additional mirror to see what it does).

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